You Are Really Mad If You Are 20million Richer And All You Think Off Is To Japa Abroad – Actor Aremu Afolayan Blasts Nigerians (video)

You Are Really Mad If You Are 20million Richer And All You Think Off Is To Japa Abroad - Actor Aremu Afolayan Blasts Nigerians (video)

Actor Aremu Afolayan of Nollywood mocks people who left Nigeria to pursue better opportunities elsewhere in a recent video that went viral.

In the video that he co-produced with his colleague Baba Tee, Aremu Afolayan criticises Nigerians who choose to leave their country for foreign nations like the USA, Canada, and the UK despite having up to N20 million in their bank accounts.

Baba Tee and Aremu Afolayan highlighted how unhappy they were with people who sold their residences for more than N20 million and then made the foolish decision to go overseas.

In order to support their claim that life is difficult overseas, the actors in the clip played a footage of a family sleeping in a foreign parking lot.

They both thought it was crazy that someone could have N20M in his account and begin to sell their homes in order to travel overseas.

In Another News, You Were Trying Every Means Possible To Seduce Davido – Netizens React Over Ilebaye Outfit As She Attends Davido Martell Party (Photos and videos).

Ilebaye’s skimpy attire managed to steal the show at Davido’s recent lavish Martell celebration honouring his thriving brand.

Celebrities from Big Brother Naija , among others, were present at the star-studded event. With her striking and suggestive dress that left little room for interpretation, Ilebaye, the current Big Brother Niger Allstars champion, has become the centre of attention among the guests.

Ilebaye undoubtedly attracted attention with her evening gown selection for the private event. Her bold two-piece attire consisted of a short, pointed jacket and a short, high-waisted miniskirt. The blazer, the focal point of her ensemble, has been creating a lot of talk because it exposed a significant amount of skin, leaving nothing to the imagination. Provocatively left unbuttoned, the short jacket blazer showed off a good bit of décolletage.

Ilebaye’s attire in some of the event’s videos and photos caused many people to gasp in shock. Sometimes her clothing exposed a good deal of her chest. In an attempt to maintain modesty, she wore a provocative outfit that revealed her breasts, with only a small amount of strategically placed black cloth covering her nipples.

But a lot of responses were posted on social media in response to the seductive outfit choice. Critics of the audacious ensemble promptly conveyed their disgust, raising concerns about the attire’s indecency and its possible impact on vulnerable youth.

A netizen speculated that Ilebaye was trying to entice Davido with her outfit, suggesting that it might have ulterior purposes. The commenter joked, “Just to seduce Chioma’s husband,” speculating as to the purpose of the attire.

A different commentator expressed astonishment, questioning if Ilebaye came from a responsible home and expressing a wish for her own children to follow higher moral norms.

Some people wondered about Ilebaye’s personal feelings when she was dressed so provocatively. “Is she happy with what she is wearing? ” said one commenter, raising doubts about her happiness with her decision. Whom does she motivate?

Going one step further, netizens criticised the contemporary fashion industry’s tendency to embrace nudity.

Another commentator was perplexed by the idea that someone would deliberately decide to dress impolitely before going out in public.READ THE FULL GIST HERE

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