Why I Ended The Relationship Between Adekunle and I After The Big Brother Naija Reality Tv Show – Venita Akpofure Reveals (video)

Why I Ended The Relationship Between Adekunle and I After The Big Brother Naija Reality Tv Show - Venita Akpofure Reveals (video)

The couple who shared a house, Venita and Adekunle, was one of the most well-liked pairs from the just finished Big Brother Naija All Stars season. Many people supported their romance on the show, and those who cherished that ship wanted it to last long after the show ended.

Unfortunately, it did not work out, and today, in a fresh interview on Toke Moments, Venita is disclosing what transpired between her and Adekunle following their departure from the residence. This is what Venita said.

Venita discussed her interactions with Adekunle following their departure from the house.

Checkout what Venita Said during the interview below;

When you come out, there are so many people that are invested in your journey. There are some people that are not even invested in your journey, just invested in the journey of the duo, and that’s like another layer on top. And if you are my girl and I call you and I say “this situation is happening, tell me what you think”, you’re going to advice me as best as you can for me because you care about me. You may not necessarily know any other party involved, what the situation is, but you’re going to advice for me. If I do something a little bit contrary to what you have adviced, you might be a little bit annoyed because why did you come and ask me for advice. Whatever it is, you’re vested for me, not considering the other person and the bigger picture. So I think when you come out and – he has quite a big fan base, I have a very huge fan base now – and everybody has what they want to say in your interest, they have what they say in his interest. Okay fine, that’s social media. But then you have your loved ones who watched from a biased point of view, and no matter how diplomatic they try to come across, they want your best interest, they’re going to protect you. And I would imagine it’s the same on the other side. So that can have a lot of effect on things. So you just need to as an individual, decide what you’re going to block out and what you’re going to carry along, but even then it’s not straightforward. If you are communicating, that’s great. You can say “Hey, I saw this on social media, it bothered me. Care to explain?” But maybe you can’t really communicate because…it’s just shades of grey. But to be honest, I did ask, and I think I asked the right questions.

I don’t regret the experience, but I’m still trying to understand what’s going on. The dust has not settled.

How do you feel about Venita’s remarks? And how do you feel about the Adekunle and Venita ship ending now? Please share your ideas with me by commenting below

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