Ruston Kelly – Cold Black Mile

American musician Ruston Kelly unties new music titled Cold Black Mile” kindly check out the music mp3 download lyrics below.

Cold Black Mile Lyrics By Ruston Kelly

This one went deep
These wounds will last
This one’s more
Than just the past
This one’s still here
It fills up these rooms
Everything I see around here
Reminds me of you

It’s a war
I fight every night
Out here alone
On the cold black mile

It’s in the grey of the morning
It’s in the sound of her name
It’s in the walls of that home where we lived
Where the love just couldn’t stay
And this might be the hardest thing
I’ll ever have to survive
It’s time to walk down
The cold black mile

I was on the front lines
Yeah you watched me retreat
But when I came back busted and broken
I was still standing on my feet
No I’m not on my knees anymore
I ain’t praying for some open door
Waiting for something we both know
Just don’t belong here anymore
I’ll take the pain feel it grow inside
It’s all I can carry on the cold black mile

It’s in the pain without answers
It’s in the things you can’t change
It’s in the calling it forever
Then the words just blow away
And I might die a 1000 times
But I know I can survive
Ill just keep on pushing down
The cold black mile

It might’ve taken everything
But it gave me back my life
Morning is breaking now
On the cold black mile

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