Pere Egbi has refute Claims That He Didn’t Send #BBNaija Winner Mercy Eke Gift Items

My Coconut Head And Agege Muffin, I Miss Kissing Those Lips Of Yours - #BBNaija Pere Egbi Tells Mercy Eke As They Both Joke Around On Twitter

The claim that Pere Egbi sent Mercy Eke, his romantic interest, several priceless objects has been denied.

Noting that he didn’t send Mercy Eke any gifts, Pere posted this information on his Twitter page. The obvious conclusion that follows from this is that Mercy had to have been taken aback by someone else.

Keep in mind that the winner of the Pepper Dem competition, who also competed in the All Stars competition, announced the gift to the public on her Instagram account.

In the video, Mercy could be seen beaming with joy as her fans showered her home with gifts including cakes and money trees.

“Respectfully that was not me,” he wrote on his page in response to the widespread belief that Pere was the source of the gifts.

Ever since they emerged from the BBNaija All Stars event, Pere and Mercy have remained in their relationship.

Numerous times, the couple has been observed together on an expedition.

In Another News, Please Forgive Me, You All Misunderstood Me – #BBNaija Winner Phyna Takes Back Her Word On Nigerian Women And Abortions (Read Her Statement).

Josephine Otabor, popularly known as Phyna, was the winner of Big Brother Naija’s “Level-Up,” however she has since taken back her prior assertion that no woman has never had an abortion.

A few months ago, in an interview with media personality Chude Jideonwo, she made this contentious assertion.

Numerous social media users, particularly female users, took offence at her statement, criticising her for assuming that all women have aborted their pregnancies.

Still, she first stuck to her guns, even going so far as to say that women who use contraception are just like women who have had abortions and that only virgins are pure.

She had to release an official statement on Friday, November 3, in response to additional criticism on social media as a result of these remarks.

She made it clear in the remark that she wasn’t trying to generalise and that she had been misinterpreted. She underlined that she would never support abortion and that she is currently collaborating with non-governmental organisations to increase public awareness of the issue.

It’s important to remember that Phyna acknowledged ending two pregnancies at the ages of 19 and 24 while she was a resident of the BBNaija home.

She says in her statement,

“Good day to all and sundry,

I am Josephina Otabor pka Phyna and I write this statement to address the issues concerning an interview I did months ago where I talked about a very sensitive topic and I inaccurately suggested
“all” women have engaged in it.

Firstly, I will like to address the fact that in as much as I was misunderstood, I didn’t mean to project it on every female gender. I will never encourage abortion especially not in this part of the world, where it can pose a great threat to the life of the person with the illegal and unhealthy procedures that surround it. I admit that I was being too expressive in the heat of the interview hence my assertions.

I will reiterate that abortion is not a thing I stand for and I should not be seen in that light and I admit to all mistakes made.

In addition, l’m currently working with gender-based organisations and NGOs to provide sensitization, education about abortion and other societal issues prone to the girl child.

I want to use this medium to thank my fans, friends and family for their constant love and support, I do not intend to let you down.READ THE FULL GIST HERE

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