Netizens Lambast Popular fashion designer Veekee James for wearing white to her employee’s wedding and ‘outshining’ her (video)

Netizens Lambast Popular fashion designer Veekee James for wearing white to her employee’s wedding and ‘outshining’ her (video)

Social media users have taken a strong stance against Nigerian fashion designer Veekee James for allegedly overshadowing one of her staff members at her wedding.

Known as the “mother of the day,” the stylist, who recently became engaged to her beau Femi, looked stunning as she attended the wedding.

A video of her spectacular entrance at the wedding site was posted on her Instagram feed.

The aso-ebi girls, all dressed in purple, cheered and praised Veekee as she emerged from her automobile in the footage, where she was seen wearing a gorgeous white traditional outfit.

And if that wasn’t enough, she brought attention to herself and the ladies by dancing into the hall.

She wrote, “POV: It’s your staff’s wedding, and her colleagues just had to show out with their boss,” as the description for the photo.

Social media users’ opinions on the video have been divided; many have criticised Veekee for what appears to be an attempt to outshine her colleague on her wedding day.

View some remarks made by her fellow celebs below.

Additionally, as you scroll, read more candid remarks from a few of her fans.

@chichilondon_14 wrote, “But it’s not ur day…Nawa oo. It’s not even about the outfit, it’s the fact she made it look like it’s her trad with her employees looking like her bridesmaids.”

@xokudaxo wrote, “This is a really beautiful dress! I lovve your work and have so much respect for you! But honestly did you have to wear white at someone’s else’ wedding? I know you’re her boss… but you look like the bride😅😅”

@nas_orchid wrote, “I thought you were the bride but why outshine her though on her wedding day with praise and drums( color of outfit).. There is time for everything”

@mercy_alexo wrote, “The only problem I have with this is the fact that you wore white to another person’s wedding. Sew whatever style you want but pls if you are not the bride and it’s not an all white party don’t wear white to another person’s wedding. We learn everyday. I love you still❤️”

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