Larry June & The Alchemist – Porsches In Spanish

American musician Larry June unties a brand new music titled Porsches In Spanish” kindly check out the music mp3 download lyrics below.

Porsches In Spanish Lyrics By Larry June & The Alchemist

And when this shit drop don’t be callin’ my motherfuckin’ phone either
Straight up
Al, what’s happenin’? (Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy)

You don’t know the feelin’ when you ridin’ on that road
With them oowops in the door panel, just tryna make it home (Wow)
Then you touch down safe, then find out your nigga gone (Damn)
Son two years old (Uh), still clutchin’ on this pole
They hit my spot out in Antioch, I’m tucked at The Marriott (Wow)
Put it in a yitch name, tuck spot in Brisbane (Brisbane)
Fled out to Mexico (Damn), linkin’ up with Jorge (Uh)
‘Bout to make another play, lookin’ for a better deal (Man)
Water with the chlorophyll, walkin’ through a money field (Man)
And we gettin’ money still, but they don’t really see the grind
Invested in this shit, ask David Ali
We coppin’ titles and deeds, you just coppin’ a plea (Uh)
I’m likely to be with somethin’ unique, I’m different, I’m sleek
I might cop the crib in Aspen, park the Jeep
We comin’ with that C.O.D., it’s blood in the streets
I’m thinkin’ ’bout these numbers all night, I really can’t sleep
My mind calculate at a speed, a thousand degrees (Uh)
You wouldn’t believe all the shit that I seen (Uh, shit)
(Fuck it, I’ma keep goin’, look)
Money keep comin’, I’m stackin’ it at a faster pace
I got a different style of architecture when I drop these letters
House by the water, out the way
Yeah, that number cool, but give me a day, tomorrow we negotiate (We negotiate)
This is a transitional movement, wild to think we did all this shit off music
Is you stupid? (Yeah)
Slidin’ in the V like Star Trek
Disrespect mine, I’m on your ball cap
Hypnotizin’ minds like Three 6, I’m deep in, I keep winnin’
I won’t quit, I don’t miss, they so sick, ’cause I’m it (Check)
Understood my position (What else?)
I got better with time (What else?), it’s embedded in mine
Bentayga seats reclined
It’s just normal for me (Yeah), it’s not just in my rhymes
I’m lookin’ in Tiburon, doin’ walkthroughs with contractors
Makin’ sure my Porsche don’t scrape the parkin’ spot


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