BigWalkDog – Trick

American musician BigWalkDog unties a brand new music titled Trick” kindly check out the music mp3 download lyrics below.

Trick Lyrics By BigWalkDog


Let’s go, drive ’em ‘cross the state, hey

I come from the Trick where we was boxed in like it wicked film
I carry my weight around this bitch and I ain’t hit the gym
That boy ain’t no shooter, he a lay-up and won’t hit the rim
This choppa go through building, what you think it’ll do it hit yo’ limb?
That double quick for chicken deal, blue K9, that fifty pill
Some people don’t even get to live, prolly never see a M
I’m in a position you can’t get in, you can’t fit in here
My pockets so colossal, money got me using synonyms
Is you rollin’? Nah, this a Rollie
I mean a AP, niggas ain’t me and they notice
I’m at these shows and I’m performing wit’ it on me
I got enough static for you and all your homies (Ha, ha, ha)
You got it on you? Well, I’ma take it off from him, hey
Take a nigga chain, and tell him gone and make a offer, ayy
When they catch up wit’ him, they won’t start off with no talking
Man, this shit might end in coffins
And ain’t nobody walking out, hey
I’m so thoroughbred
WalkDog, he gon’ pop out in the city like a turtle head
Murder what she wrote, they tryna read and see what murder said (Let’s go)
I was taught to get it out the mud, don’t you know other man?
Niggas dropped the ball for shit at all like he got butter hands
If you cut they wrist, they still’ll switch, gon’ use they other hand
Blew a hundred K in twenty days (Hey, hey, hey), that ain’t that much to spend
I went got it back, we keep some bread like we the Muffin Man (Man)
Got it in the club, I won’t get touched, they think I snuck it in
If I’m with my brothers, it’s a cutter, he gon’ tuck it in
If niggas get to rushin’, ain’t no question, then we bucking them
She built like a bottle, like a model, ain’t gotta suck it in
I was in the trail, I had a scale across from Russian men (Ha, ha)
That’s another play, hey
Bag up all the onions, then we drive ’em ‘cross the state, hey
He pulled on me stoppin’ ‘Cat, don’t care they see his face, hey (Nope)
Eight hundred some horses, like a Porsche, do the race, hey

Ha, ha, that’s another— ha
That’s another—
Ha, ha, that’s another— mm
We gon’ take ’em on a race, BigWalkDog
Ha, ha

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