BigWalkDog – Know Bout It

American musician BigWalkDog unties a brand new music titled Know Bout It” kindly check out the music mp3 download lyrics below.

Know Bout It Lyrics By BigWalkDog


Oh, that ho sold platinum
Ooh, that motherfucker hard, that motherfucker-
That wasn’t even a song, that was a feeling, god damnit
Ah nah, you can’t walk in my shoes, you can’t do what I do
You can’t live like me
(DJ C3ntrurii, you making beats now?)
Hey, hey

Let me take you back, yeah, way before (Way back)
Way ‘fore I heard my name on the radio (BigWalkDog)
Now it grant four ki’s just to let you know
Who would’ve thought I was next on the telescope? (Damn)
Wasn’t super-duper poor but we was hella broke
Thirteen when my daddy, he was sellin’ Coke (Well, damn)
We ain’t had to share a towel, but had to share soap (What?)
We ain’t had no spider, but we had roaches (Yeah)
I miss Eloween, I know you could notice (Damn)
Got to take a Percocet just to get focused
Only five some’ drop, how I get noticed (Damn)
Spent sixty at Wafi just to get older
Got my first Hellcat, had my nose open
Always rode in the back, got the cold shoulder
Now I just press a button and the doors open (Beep)
Used to wrap up pennies for a cold soda

We was really wrappin’ up pennies, you know what I’m sayin’?
Just use to go in grandmas purse and shit, you know what I’m sayin’?
Let me tell you ’bout my life ’cause you don’t know about it
Get pennies, make a dollar, go to Malcaculair, you know what I’m sayin’?
Shit crazy, ain’t it?

Look at my life, I ain’t made no excuses, had to feel broke, poor, and useless
Now every time I move out, it’s a movie
In the strip club throwin’ ones at a booty
I can fuck wit’ ’em but they still wanna screw me
I’ma a big dog like Clifford, not Scooby
I’ma big player, push P, that’s usually
Three days before the deal, Pumpkin had Junior
I ain’t had shit, but a dream and a tooly
Kill for my brother, I just want to thank Scooter
Want to thank P, Baby J, and Big Woo
Want to thank D, no harm, Unc’ too
Ain’t it, mane? OJ, tell ’em what it do
First farewell, I won’t forget about you
I ain’t gotta thank J ’cause they know how we do it
If a nigga play with J, I’ma hangin’ out the roof
If a nigga play with J, give me a orange suit
It’s still free DJ, poppin’ this shit for you
Gotta flex well, ayy, Flex, what it do?
Came a long way from smoking blunts on a scoot
I was on shackle row, me and p, me and Ruth
We ain’t had shit, eat spaghetti, yellow soup
I walked out the truck, then I walked in the booth
Mama had a Ford Taurus, now she want her a coupe
Reggie had a bike, so I want a bike too
Jezzi had a bite, so he want to bite blue
In the trail, me and Bird, in a Mustang coupe
Movin’ groceries for a toga, Howard out there too
Really came from the bottom, now you see how I do
Now we all in the crowd every time we make moves
I can tell me ’bout me, I can’t tell you ’bout you
It’s just me and the crew and we like our screws blue (Hey)

Yeah, nigga don’t no nothin’ ’bout that, huh? You know what I’m sayin’
They just see the glister and glimmer with this shit, you know what I’m sayin
Let me tell you ’bout my life ’cause you don’t know ’bout it
They don’t see what a nigga went through, a nigga-, you know what I’m sayin’?
All them May flowers in surging me, at grandma house, sleepin’ on the floor, man (You might see what you see, but you don’t know ’bout it)
But JT know more, you know what I’m sayin’?
They move from Hartsburg, shit, mane, shit
Grandma made us hit the floor, god damnit, you know what I’m sayin’?
She in love with no, you know? (You don’t know ’bout it)

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