BigWalkDog – For Certain

American musician BigWalkDog unties a brand new music titled For Certain” kindly check out the music mp3 download lyrics below.

For Certain Lyrics By BigWalkDog


Blrrrd, blrrrd
Blrrrd, big blrrrd, blrrrd
Oh, that for certain
Oh, that for certain
I know that for certain
Ayy, ayy (God), blrrrd, ayy

Watch yo’ mouth to save his life, I know niggas died from talking (Ha)
Draco with me, switch got thirty shots, in the set with BigWalk (Boom)
Fuck your gun, you gotta shoot that bitch, he was strapped when we caught him (Blrrrd)
Tuck yo’ gun, put switch under your arm, bitch (Blrrrd), we slidin’ with caution (Frrr)
Six hundred racks to the lawyer, walk in and beat up your case (Case)
I’m on the block with a forty, them hollows eat up yo’ face (Face)
That red eye fuck up a straight edge (Blrrrd), it equipped with a coulter and scrape (Skrrt)
Imported with them two step with them tracer (Blrrrd)
Boy (Blrrrd, blrrrd), don’t get chased with a Drac’
Hey, only way we even at the end, is if they in the coffin (That’s the only way)
I was in Miami with a pole like I’m fishing on top (Get it in yo’ face)
You can tell I got it with my AR (Blrrrd), you see how I’m walkin’
Ain’t no reachin’ for these Cuban, boy, that’s yo’ life, it’s gon’ cost you
I’ma shoot this bitch like Jason Tate, think I’m playin’ football
For certain, it got a micro (Blrrrd, blrrrd) in a yo, I walk in with a forty (A forty)
He thought cuh was on the Peroset, he just popped him a Molly (A Molly)
Hangout with the bad to catch the shells, you can’t tell I’m nobody (The right)

The Hellcat with the big body (Blrrrd), KeKe come straight out the deposit (Skrrt, skrrt)
Wafi turned my coller to a lake (Ice, ice, ice), boy, that all of my watches
They gon’ hit the pawn shop in the hood just to get some new chopper (Blrrrd)
They gon’ do everything they gon’ have to do (Blrrrd) just to get them a pocket (Ayy)
They gon’ do whatever that it take just to catch them a murder (On God)
Choppa Gang, FOX 13 Gang, yeah, I know that you’ve heard of ’em
Book me for a show, you gotta know that this send shots in the Suburban
Watch how you buckin’ in traffic, these Draco’s stop you from swervin’ (Ha)
Let my Glock pop if I’m nervous, up this bitch and I get off
Come through my trap and I’m servin’, zaza that harden, then soften
Don’t trust the bitches in my hood, so I’m fuckin’ hoes in the North (North)
And I sip a eight everyday (Blrrrd), I got you ten racks (Wock’) if I’m comin’ (Wock’)
Gotta have a pistol on you daily if you run with this circle (Circle)
I might put some titties on the chop’, turn my gun to a mite (A mite)
My lil’ nigga chillin’ out on bond, he got tried for a murder (A murder)
I just put some green up in the drank, I done mixed it with purple (Wock’)
Quay gon’ take the choppa to the door everytime that he servin’ (Blrrrd)
All that nigga know is sell dope, kill (Murder, murder, murder), kill, murder, murder
All these nigga pussy than a bitch, all these niggas fertile (Pussy)
If I pour one more deuce (Blrrrd) in this pop (Blrrrd), I’ma turn to a turtle (Blrrrd, blrrrd)

Hey, hey, and I know that for certain (For certain)
Ha, ha, and I know that for certain
And I know that for certain, if I pour one more deuce in this pop, I’ma turn to a turtle

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